Should Struggling Students Repeat?


When looking at the title of this topic, it seems like a simple answer of “yes” would do. However, our education system feels different about this. They believe in the “passing them on system” and not knowing that just passing them on is doing more harm then good at times. When a child is just passed on, their are usually a year or two years behind and sometime even more.

It has been said that repeating a student hurts them mentally because  their peers would look at them differently because he or she is a grade behind them.Supposedly it affects their physical development in regards of their age and size. Think for a moment who would want a 14 year old in a 6th grade class? Then there is the issue of  increase behavioral problem because of the possibility of that child feeling they may be incompetent since they had to repeat. In return they may act out or seek attention in not a positive manner.

Some educators feel that the retention program needs to be reformatted in order to fit the needs of the student(s). Nevertheless, retention is sometimes needed due to the lack of support that child may have received, learning abilities, and maturity level. Sometimes retention may help motivate that child to excel later. Every child learns different. No two child learns the same. Nowadays there are so many factors that go into making sure a child is eligible for retention, that teachers rather just passed them on just to avoid the paperwork and in the end the child suffers.

I can recall an experience  with my sister when she was told she would have to repeat the third grade. My father wasn’t happy about it, however, he agreed and signed the paper. She didn’t allow that situation to hold her back, but it gave her a new sense of drive and motivation in wanting to excel then ever before. Later on she graduated top of her classes from Howard University and is now working for the State of Maryland. So holding her back definitely helped her excel through her classes.

When parents, student, and school work together, we could reduce the amount of students being retained. However, if it is necessary and it is for the benefit of the student, then it should be done.

Should Struggling Students Repeat? is a great article that talks about some of the things that were just spoken of. The question is asked is retention a thing of the past? Should we continue to retain students or just pass them on? Is retention effective today? Please share your thoughts and views.


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