Resources for Administrators

Books: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Convey

The Inclusive Leader: An Applied Approach to Diversity, Change, and Management by Dr. Amine Ayad & Dr. Emad Rahim
inclusive leader
App: TED Talk

I’ve never had the desire to be a school administrator. Not for one second. I’ve always known that my place is in front of a classroom with chalk in my hand. (OK, times have changed, and there are no more chalkboards. Make it an erasable marker—you pick the color.) Even though I’m a confessed non-administrator type, I may have a message for others who see a school principalship in their future.

In my travels as my state’s current teacher of the year, I recently had an amazing opportunity to visit a number of school communities in North Carolina and talk to teachers, support staff, parents, and students about what makes a good school-based administrator. When it comes to defining what makes a principal great, I soon discovered that there are characteristics common across school levels and community demographics.

Here are the results of my unofficial research on the “Principles of Great Principals.”

  • The school is a family.
  • Teachers are treated as professionals.
  • Instruction in the school is data-driven.
  • They are student-centered.
  • They reach out to families.
  • They have great reservoirs of energy.
  • They promote school spirit and teamwork.
  • They develop leaders.
  • They have good help.

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