Going Above the Call of Duty. Lancaster ISD “We Believe”

Recently I came across an article about a school district that I happened to be part of right here in Texas. It was an inspiring article.

With the help of a grant, Lancaster ISD went beyond the call of duty and provided a few schools with washers and dryers to help students that are in need of washing their school uniforms. Teachers were taking it upon themselves to wash their students uniform so their students wouldn’t be picked on or feel away when coming to school. This small act of kindness has paid off and has changed the lives of many students.

Educators nowadays are called to be more then teachers in the classroom. And for that, we applaud Lancaster ISD for going above the call of duty and truly meeting the needs of their students. Hopefully we can all learn from this act of kindness in putting our students need first.

So proud to be part of this district. Go Tigers!!

Click the link below to read the full article:


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