After-school and Summer Programs

It is that time of the year when school has come to an end and now as a parent you have to figure out what to do with your kiddos. Some of you are saying that some of these after-school and summer programs are too expensive and I can’t afford it. However, I don’t want to leave my child alone at the house doing nothing. Where can I go?What can I do to ensure my child is having fun in learning and getting ready for the next grade?

Parents check your local churches, library, or recreation centers as well as the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club. They have programs that fit every budget and some even provide breakfast and lunch with snack. If that doesn’t work, then be sure to leave a schedule for your child to follow daily as well as some materials to work on,especially in Reading and Math. Dollar Tree is a great place to find materials. They can be found in the education section of the store. They always have some great books to reinforce some of those skills your child might have missed or not performed so well on while in school.

Whatever you decide to do for your child just make sure they are learning something and not spending the whole day on video games. Be proactive in preparing your child for the next grade.

“Use it or lose it.”Don’t let that be your child and their learning.

We will be posting some great educational websites as well as activities you can do with your child while at home. Be sure to follow Reading 4 Our Future for some great tips and ideas.

Happy Summer Break!


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