Print vs. Techno

For once we need to put down our phones and tablets and pick up a book. I like the feel of the pages flowing between my fingers as I turn each page. I also enjoy seeing the cease in the book because it lets me and others know that particular book has been touched and read. Like many, I enjoy underlining or highlighting “aha” moments and even folding a page if it is something important I want to remember.

Unfortunately, picking up a book today is not as popular as it was in the past. Everyday I see people walking around with their heads in their phones or eyes glued to their computer screens. I see people on the beach with Kindles or other forms of technology. Now with online classes, it is has become more popular to do e-books. Matter of fact over the years print books are becoming more expensive then e-books. Nevertheless, are their some pros to techno books vs. good ole fashion print?

I feel that children need to have books in their hands, so they can make notes about their learning and fold those little triangles on pages they want to refer back to later on. I feel there is a disadvantage to techno vs.print book, especially for our children. It is an ongoing discussion between educators in regards which one is more effective for the learning.

Well,share your thoughts with me after you read  and listen on this topic  about the battle between e-books and print from NPR:

As for me, I am sticking to print.



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