Public vs. Private vs. Charter School

The school year is beginning for many students and parents are left with an annual decision to either place  or keep their children in a public school or charter school. Many parents complain  the amount of testing that is taking place in the public school is taking away from their child’s learning. The classrooms are packed with students, which doesn’t allow the teacher to hold small group effectively or teach their child in such a manner where they feel that they are being challenged. The teachers are not able to meet the needs of the students. There isn’t enough assistance in the classroom and not enough activities occurring in the classroom. The classrooms are not student-centered or teach-led. There is the big talk of budget cuts and school repairs that are needed within the public school.

Lately, there seems to be an increase in charter  and private schools over the last decade. Parents have talked about the one on one their child is receiving. The classroom sizes are smaller and filled with activities. It seems to be more teacher-led and student-led as well . The environment seems more friendly. The same applies to private school.  One of the main reason for the mass exit of public school are the amount of testing that are occurring. Parents are finding a sense of peace in placing their child in private or public charter schools. They are actually seeing growth in their child’s development.

So as a parent, which do you prefer? Public and public charter are free where as private requires their own funding  as well as coming out of your pocket to pay for your child’s school expenses. I don’t have any children of my own but I know that one day my husband and I will have to make a choice on which we would prefer for our child to attend in order to receive quality education.

Please read the following article and share your thoughts on which you would prefer for your child and why:

Public vs. Private vs. Charter



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