Brown vs. Board of Education

In honor of African-American History, I want to take sometime and shed light on the importance of this court case that took place only 62 years ago. This coming May 17th will mark the 63rd year of this famous court case.  It wasn’t that long ago that blacks and whites were going to separate schools.  On May 17, 1954 the court had ruled that “separate but equal” was unconstitutional for blacks and whites. This case would change the face of public education and challenge the status quo during that time.

Blacks wanted to have an opportunity to a great education and schools. They wanted to be treated the same way as the whites. Due to segregation that wasn’t possible. However, today, I can’t help but think are we still segregated in our education? When I mean segregated, i’m thinking not just race but in class. The inner city schools continue to be deprived of updates, faced with violence, lack of parent support, high turn over rates for teachers, low test scores, increase suspension and expulsion. While our counterparts continue to enjoy the finer things in life with amazing schools, top of the line football field, the latest and newest technology, passing test scores, and lots of parent supports. Our inner city parents are not all able to move into better neighborhoods but that doesn’t mean they don’t want the best for their children.

What are we doing in our society to fight such injustice for our children? Don’t our children deserve better? The answer is yes they deserve to have qualify teachers. They deserve to have the latest and newest technology. They deserve to have the best education out there in order to prepare them for the future. The continuous injustice that is happening in our school systems is very unfair and there is a need for change. We as educators, parents, students, and community leaders need to speak up and stand for what is right. Our children in the inner city are reliving the very thing the court case spoke against. We are not separate but not equal.  It is time for a new educational system. It is time to hit the reset button.

Brown vs. Board of Education


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