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Devastation in Les Cayes after Hurricane Matthew

Family and Friends, Haiti is deeply in need of our help. The death toll is continuing to rise from the hurricane and Cholera. The people of Haiti are still recovering from the last devastation that took place in 2010 when an earthquake killed over 9,000 people.  It is even more urgent to get the help that is most needed out there.

I had the privilege of representing Les Cayes in the Mrs.Haiti Pageant back in April of  this year and will have the honor again come April 2017. The city is located on the southwestern part of Haiti. It was hit very hard. Homes, schools, business, beaches, and churches were all destroyed during Hurricane Matthew. Our organization is partnering up with Hosean International Ministries (www.hosean.org). It is a well-known and respectable nonprofit organization that focuses on building Haiti. Caleb Lucien is an amazing man of God whose faith goes over and beyond. Speaking to him recently, he shares with me the devastation that Haiti has gone through and still going through. He is seeking help for building materials and food for the people. I assure him that we would get him the help that he needs.

Our goal is to help raise $2,500 to provide food and building materials he is in need of to service the people of Haiti. There is a team of people already down there working with him. Please click on the link (Save LES CAYES) below to donate. The monies that are raised will  go to help the people of that city.  Any amount would be greatly appreciated.  This is urgent and your help matters.

There is a motto written on the flag of Haiti saying  L’Union Fait La Force which means “Unity Makes Strength.” Haiti continues to stand strong despite all that they endure.

Save Les Cayes



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