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Parents I know you are very excited to know that schools are finally back in session. You have been counting down ever since school ended in May or June and even put a huge red circle around that start date. The summer couldn’t come to an end any faster. Students I know some of you are excited while others are sad and not ready and praying that somehow their school has made a mistake on the start date.

Trust me the school year will go by as quickly as it has started. However, parents you are wondering what do I do to get my child ready for B2S (Back 2 School). All summer you allowed them to go to bed late, eat anything, and play games with their friends. They have been totally out of sync ever since school has ended. Now you need to get them back in a routine and ready for the first day of school.

Here are 5 essential tips for parents as you prepare for the first day of school:

  1. Set-up bedtime and wake-up routine in advance. This is very important and will be your guide as your child get ready for school. A goodnight rest is essential for their learning and performance in the classroom.
  2. Organize school clothing in advance. Decide in advance what you are donating and keeping. Nothing is more stressful for your child having to search through a pile of clothes that doesn’t fit them anymore. Teach them to prep the night before, so they can have an easy morning.
  3. Plan healthy lunches and snacks. All summer they have probably been eating junk food, but don’t worry there is still time to get them back on track. Make sure your child has a balanced meal of fruits, veggies, and wholesome items such as grains and meat. This will allow for energy to fuel their brains for learning.
  4. Set-up a Central Area. It is important to have a place where you can post important information for your child’s school. For example, school calendars, menu, due dates for projects, and any other essentials. Keep that area clutter free and updated. This will help your family stay on track during the school year.
  5. Talk to your child about bullying.  Unfortunately, bullying is on the rise in our schools and there is no way to avoid it but by informing our children and ensuring them that they have a safe place to report.  Let them know they should never be scared to report any bullying, especially if it is being done to them. Provide a safe haven at home for your child to come and talk to you without any judgement.

I hope you will find these tips helpful as you get going with the school year.  Make sure to stay involve through the school year and know your child’s teacher. Be an active parent or guardian in the learning and you will see your child soar.


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