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7 Habits of a Leader

7 Habits  There was a particular charter school that I worked for and this was one of their requirement in working for their schools. It was knowing the 7 habits forward and backward. The author did a great job in defining each habit and how they work. Let me say this is a great/recommended book  that all leaders should read. This book not only help build you into becoming a stronger leader at work but teaches you how to take control of your own personal life. The very 7 habits spoken about in this book can be demonstrated daily throughout our daily decisions.

As an administrator, it is your responsibility to lead by example and to be proactive, be a team player, make sure your staff has your support, and that you are understanding in meeting the needs of your  school and ensuring that your school runs smoothly. May you be working at the school level or in the central office, the following 7 habits are effective in being a great leader.



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