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Keep It Together

Parents are you finding yourself having to repeat over and over to your child what it is that he or she needs to do daily in order to be prepared for school? If you answered yes to this question, then the following will assist you in making the school day less stressful.


  1. Show your child how to set an alarm that will wake them in time to get ready for school.
  2. Have a list of morning tasks or schedule readily available on display.

After School

3. Have your child go through their backpack to take out homework  and any necessary papers.

4. Have a prepared basket or tray where important papers can go. Make sure to look over them and sign them if required.


5.Before going to bed, ensure that backpack is ready for the next day with completed assignments, signed permission slip, and any other important projects.

6. Make sure clothes are put out the night before, so it is easier to get ready for school.

Hopefully these tips will help make the school day easier and less stressful.


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