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For students having a growth mindset when it comes to their academics is quite difficult. It is not something that comes easy, especially for this generation of students. If students don’t have someone in their corner backing them up or cheering them on and letting them know that they can do it, then it is very hard to believe in something that someone else doesn’t believe.

Teachers are great in encouraging students and uplifting students, however, it starts at home. It is at home you can facilitate the growth mindset and set your child up for success. I know some of you may say, “Well I didn’t have someone in my corner, so how do I support my child in that area?” It starts out with simple praises and words of encouragement such as you are doing a great job or I’m proud of you for making improvement in your school work, etc. Sometimes placing your child with a mentor could also help.Children just want to know that you are there for them all the way through.

The illustration below is a great way to start  and teach the growth mindset:

Growth Mindset



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