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HELP! My Kids are Driving Me Crazy!

It is officially summer as of Thursday, June 21st. Like many parents, we are already counting down to when school will begin because our kids are driving us crazy and probably eating us out of a home. Hopefully many of you planned ahead and placed your kids in summer camp, so they could continue to… Continue reading HELP! My Kids are Driving Me Crazy!

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For students having a growth mindset when it comes to their academics is quite difficult. It is not something that comes easy, especially for this generation of students. If students don't have someone in their corner backing them up or cheering them on and letting them know that they can do it, then it is… Continue reading GROWTH MINDSET

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Ways to Combat Stress Within The Classroom

Well, we are coming down to the end of the first semester of the school year. There has been some unexpected challenges that occurred in and out of the classroom. There has been some happy and unforgettable moments. There has even been a time when you as the teacher  went off on the students and… Continue reading Ways to Combat Stress Within The Classroom

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Teachers and Students, The following are free websites. You read right-FREE! Everyone loves free stuff but why not for our schools. These Reading websites provide lots of resources for all students. The  websites are engaging and has tons of information that can assist everyone in improving in there learning. My favorite  TOP 7 reading websites are:… Continue reading FREE READING SITES