African-American Inventors

In honor of Black History Month, we would like to shine some light on some amazing African-American Inventors. If it weren’t for some of these African-American Inventors, then we wouldn’t have some of those things that have been helpful in making our lives easier.

The next time you turn on your air condition unit during those hot summer month be sure to give thanks to Frederick M. Jones who was the first to invent in 1949.  The next time you put your clothes in the dryer be sure to give thanks to George T. Sampson who invented it in 1971.  The next time you get on the elevator be sure to give thanks to Alexander Miles who invented it in 1867. For many of us who love ice cream and own an ice cream scoop be sure to give thanks to Alfred L. Craile who invented it in 1897. Below is a  more complete list of other inventions that were created by our very own and for that we say THANK YOU! THANK YOU for your sacrifice!

Black Inventors (click on this link to see the full list of Black Inventors)

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