Why Students Forget- And What You Can Do About It

It seems that today students can’t seem to recall much what they learned. Teachers are having to do more reviewing of skills from the previous years versus teaching current skills for their current grade level. Students attention span are very low and  struggling to comprehend what the teacher is telling them. The most common words we here throughout the day is “I don’t know” or ” I don’t remember” and even the shrug of a shoulder is an answer that the student can’t recall what they just read or heard. Why is that? What can we do to help our students recall more?

The following link on this same subject provides some research strategies on how to assist our students in remembering and recalling there learning:

Edutopia-Why Students Forget

Another suggestion to help students recall is to reduce the amount of time they spend on their electronics. Chunk information little at a time for comprehension and ask questions along the way while they work to see if they are comprehending what they are doing. How to Think



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