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HELP! My Kids are Driving Me Crazy!

It is officially summer as of Thursday, June 21st. Like many parents, we are already counting down to when school will begin because our kids are driving us crazy and probably eating us out of a home. Hopefully many of you planned ahead and placed your kids in summer camp, so they could continue to have a structured environment when it comes to learning.  However, if many of you didn’t or just couldn’t afford the camp or the time wasn’t working along your schedule, it is all good. Don’t beat yourself up and think of ourselves as a bad parent. You can still do work at home and help your kids be ready for next year.

Suggested Tips:

  1. Check your local area for free events that are kids and family friendly.
  2. Continue to place your kids on a schedule with set times for technology, free play, and academic learning.
  3. Make sure to put aside 90 minutes of Reading and Math daily. Most schools send home the workbooks that the students were working on during the school year, so go through it and assign some work for them to do in it. If not, then head to the Dollar Tree in the education section where you will find books for most levels, especially Pre-K- 5th grade.
  4. Enrolling your child in an academic center if possible such as a Math center or Sylvan Learning Center can ensure their academic growth in areas that they may be weak in. They have some great summer programs that can meet any family budget. We did enroll our daughter for there Reading small group and it was worth it.
  5. Visit the library. The library is FREE! It provides a lot of free activities and programs during the summer.
  6. Work on your kids summer work for the next school year. If your child is attending a STEM school, most likely they have been given a project that they need to turn in at the beginning of the school year.  So don’t PROCRASTINATE!

These are a few quick suggestions to do with our precious kiddos. The following article has an extended list of fun things to do for kids and parents. Summer doesn’t have to be boring. It can still be fun, academic, and memorable.

100 Fun Summer Ideas for Kids and Parents

HAPPY SUMMER! Make Each Day Count!



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