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Teachers and Students,

The following are free websites. You read right-FREE! Everyone loves free stuff but why not for our schools. These Reading websites provide lots of resources for all students. The  websites are engaging and has tons of information that can assist everyone in improving in there learning.

My favorite  TOP 7 reading websites are:

PBS Kids ( Fun educational games

ABCYA ( This particular websites focuses on both Reading and Math.

Brainpop ( Either one of these websites are great. They also have video to assist our English Language Learner.

Starfall ( This is great for the little ones from Pre-K to 1st in teaching letter sounds, alphabets, colors, and reading.

Read Write Think( Great Reading and Writing resources are available here.

NEWSELA (  This site is awesome because it provides tons of current event articles and different Lexile levels. As a teacher you are able to create classes and assign articles.

Storynory ( This site provides audio books from fairytales to mythical to poems and music.



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