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Manage Screen Time

Parents, I know that we all have children that spend crazy amount of time on social media, texting, watching T.V., or playing video games on a daily basis. According to a recent research done by Kaiser Family Foundation in 2010, children ages 8 to 18 have increased their screen time from 1 hour17 minutes a day to now 7 hours and 38 minutes on an average. That is a LOT of screen time for anybody.   It is imperative that as the parent you set a limit on how much screen time your child should have, especially during the school week.

Just as adults, children need to unplug from all of their electronic devices, so they could complete their work in a timely manner. However, in today’s world that might be easier said then done. Our world is connected by internet through our best friends: Google, Siri, and Alexa  in this modern age of technology. Please understand we all are grateful for them. It is hard because many of schools uses technology to connect with students and parents as well as  providing assignments via Google Classroom. So how do we create that balance? Because not all technology is bad. It does help make life easier, but there is a problem when it consumes our children, which in turn affects their sleeping patterns, weight, mood, and lack of ability to communicate with others.

The following are somethings you can do to help manage screen time:

  1. Watch your own screen habits. This is huge because you are setting the example for your child on how to manage their screen time.
  2. No technology during meal times. This allows for more communication. You might be surprise how much you can learn from each other.
  3. Establish clear rules on how to use technology.
  4. NO TECHNOLOGY DURING BEDTIME! This one is so hard because we allow our kids to have t.v., video games, and cell phones in their rooms. Have a place set-up where they can leave their technology overnight. It is important they completely unplug at night, so they can have a goodnight rest.

The following article provides even more examples on how to manage screen time: 10 Strategies to Limit Your Teen’s Screen Time

Also, there are apps available on Androids and iPhones to help you control your child’s screen time or you can use the following website: Screentime  . I heard great reviews from parents using this site. It is very cost effective and you set limits on how much screen time your child gets for the day.

Be in control of the amount of technology and not technology be in control of your child or you.



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