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Educators, we are now in the 2nd month of school. The first report card probably has already gone out or in the process of being sent home with the students. You are already thinking, “Why am I teaching again?” These students are not even listening to me and can’t really recall what I just told them one minute ago. When is the next break? Thanksgiving! That seems too far. I don’t even know if I’m going to make it. Someone please HELP! Where is my coffee?

Yep, I have been there and taught the very same thing. Especially as we are approaching the holidays, it just seems like the students are getting wilder and wilder. All you can do is be like my man in the picture and breath because you still have about 7-8 months left until the school year is over. So how do you keep your cool when the students around you are off the chain?

The following are some ways on how to KEEP YOUR COOL:

  1. Pause and think before speaking. You don’t want to say or do the wrong thing because once it is out you can’t take it back.
  2. Wait for the right moment. Timing is everything. Say the wrong thing at the wrong time can lead to chaos whereas say the right thing at the right moment can make that moment be as sweet as honey.
  3. Take a few breaths. Breathing is important when things around you are spiraling out of control. Step outside of the classroom and breath or ask for another teacher to watch your class for a quick 2-3minutes break. Go outside or the teacher lounge and sigh a few times. Take some deep breath 3-4 times.  It will help bring you back to your center.
  4. Smile and Laugh. Learn to laugh and smile because that will make the difference in the classroom atmosphere. It can remove tension and in return replace it with pleasant feelings.

Remember the school year will fly by but you as their teacher will leave an everlasting impression on them. When you maintain your cool, the class in return maintains themselves and you can carry on and teach.





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