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You Are As Strong As Your Weakest Link


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I remember hearing this many time from coaches to their players. I would wonder what does that mean? There should be no weak link on our team. Our team is strong, however, what that meant was a group or organization is ONLY as strong as the weakest or least powerful person.

You are the leader and your goal is to ensure that everyone from the janitor to the secretary to the instructional coaches to the teachers to the students are aligned in the school’s mission, values, and purpose. If one person is out of sync, then everyone else if off beat. There is nothing worst then hearing someone sing off key. You close your ears or cringe at the sound of that person singing off beat. Well, that is how it can be at your school.

The success of the group depends on each individual member of the group. If one person fails, then the whole group fails. Everyone played a role as to why that person fail. Maybe he or she didn’t receive enough support or encouragement to carry them on. Maybe no one was listening to the ideas or suggestion  and in return that person doesn’t feel valued. Whatever it was that caused that person to fail, remember you are the leader  of the pack and that means you have failed in providing adequate leadership.

The above quote said it best. As the administrator, encourage, listen, reach out, don’t be little your staff because at the end of the day  ” You Are As Strong As the Weakest Link.”


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