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Writing Strategies for ADHD Students

What does ADHD stand for? ADHD is known as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

What is ADHD? According to WebMD, ADHD is a brain disorder that interferes with students or adults everyday life at school and home.   When a student is diagnose with ADHD it means that they are not able to concentrate on there learning, lack the ability at times to control their behavior, or having problems staying on task. If teachers are not aware of this diagnose, they seemed to be labeled “problem child” and for the most part teachers don’t really have time to deal with these students because it takes them away from the other students that need help in there learning. To be honest, most teachers are not equipped with enough training on how to handle an ADHD student in their classroom.

The following article is from Edutopia provides some excellent tools on how to teach writing strategies for students with ADHD.

ADHD students requires more patients and understanding when teaching them. Try some of these simple tools and see if it makes a difference in your students’ learning.

Writing Strategies for Students with ADHD


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