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Ways to Combat Stress Within The Classroom

Well, we are coming down to the end of the first semester of the school year. There has been some unexpected challenges that occurred in and out of the classroom. There has been some happy and unforgettable moments. There has even been a time when you as the teacher  went off on the students and lost all your cool. It happens even to the best teachers out there. It is called STRESS!

We experience stress on a regular basis from professional to our personal lives. There are always deadlines we have to meet, appointments we have to make, or a training we need to attend. There seems to be more day then time you tell yourself. The list can go on forever in regards of all the things we need to accomplish before the end of December 31, 2017. However, there are some stresses we can control while others are out of our hands. When an administrators is stressed, it trickles down to his or her staff, which then trickles down to the students and at the end of the day everyone is feeling the pressure of stress.

The following article from Edutopia provides some excellent tools on how to combat stress within the classroom: Combat Stress in the Classroom  

These tools can be helpful to diffuse some of the anxiety or stress levels that you or the  students are feeling inside the classroom. As the teacher, it is your job to ensure a calm and engaging learning environment. Take time out to practice breathing. Give students and yourself periodical breaks. Our brains at time can be overloaded with too much information and just like a computer, it can crash which can then lead to behavior problems with our students and a lack of focus.

Control the stress and don’t let the stress control your classroom! Let’s finish the first semester strong.


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